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Conference Cancellation

From the NWRSA Newsletter:

It is with deep disappointment that we have to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Family Conference and RSO Rett Ed Day. Due to the uncertainty of the times, the NWRSA Board decided that our resources could be utilized more effectively by offering support to families at home and redirecting our efforts to an online solution.

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Meet the Calvert Family

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Lacey and Daphne

As the Calvert family, we like to describe ourselves as a disorganized, (yet happy) and chaotic (yet loving) family of 5! My husband, Leigh is in Real Estate and now runs the Portland Strollathon with each fall.  I am lucky enough to stay home with the 3 kids and have recently taken on the role of the State Representative for I am also on the fundraising committee with NWRSA. This is our story of Daphne’s diagnosis:

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Full Fundraising Request Letter

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for being part of our Northwest Rett Syndrome Association community. We are small in number, about 350 individuals representing 160 Rett families, doctors, teachers, therapists and friends; but we are strong in our commitment to supporting each other in every way possible. NWRSA’s geographic range goes from Oregon to Idaho to Washington to British Columbia and all the way up to Alaska. That encompasses a total population of almost 20 million people which includes about 650 RTT individuals. If we were in business, we would say we only have about a 25% market penetration.

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